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Lead paint inspections are needed:

Lead Paint Inspections are extremely important. Although lead improves paint performance, it is a dangerous substance. 

If not detected children with high lead levels can suffer from damage to the brain and nervous system, behavior and learning problems, slow growth and hearing problems.
Lead is also harmful to adults. Adults can suffer from difficulties during pregnancy, high blood pressure, digestive problems and memory and concentration problems.

Symptoms of lead poisoning at first can easily be mistaken for a cold or the flu. Exposure to lead hazards can cause fatigue, sleep problems, dizziness, irritability, nervousness, headaches, depression, hyperactivity, wrist or foot drop, joint and muscle pain, loss of appetite and stomachaches. 

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How can lead poisoning occur?

One myth related to lead-based paint is that children must eat leaded paint chips to develop lead poisoning. In fact, childhood lead exposure can occur by way of ingestion of lead dust through normal hand-to-mouth contact during which children swallow lead dust dislodged from deteriorated paint or leaded dust generated during remodelling or painting

LeadSafe Inspections and Consulting, Inc. can provide an environmental lead inspection that meets your needs.

Lead Paint Inspections:

Comprehensive Inspection This is an inspection done in compliance with RI Department of Health Regulation 23-24.6 Pb.  During this inspection an Environmental Lead Inspector conducts a room by room, substrate by substrate evaluation.  During the inspection the inspector takes water, dust, soil and paint sampling. This report must be conducted in order to receive a Lead Safe or lead Free Certificate. The inspection yields a 15 – 20 page report consisting of one page for each room.  This inspection is utilized by Daycares, HUD projects, rental units with a child that has an elevated lead level and a pre-1978 property owner looking to receive the $5,000 per unit RI Lead Removal/Abatement Tax Credit.

Housing Resource Commission InspectionThis inspection is the most commonly utilized by landlords that are complying with Rhode Island lead paint laws.  The law mandates that all landlords of pre-1978 residential rental property must bring their properties into lead safe condition before a person gets lead poisoned.  A Lead Inspector or Lead Inspector Technician must check to ensure there is no chipping or peeling paint on the interior, exterior and common areas of the dwelling and that there are no binding or friction points.  An example of a binding component is a door that is sticking. An example of a friction point is an old wood on wood window, old wood kitchen draws with no runners and hallway stair treads with no runners on them. This inspection is utilized by landlords that want to rent to Section 8 tenants, Navy housing, request the lead liability rider on their homeowners insurance policy and an owner looking to receive the $1500 per unit RI Lead Reduction/Mitigation Tax Credit.

Limited InspectionThis inspection is utilized by contractors and potential home buyers to identify the location of lead paint and any potential lead hazards on the interior and exterior of a pre-1978 dwelling.  The inspector usually uses an XRF machine to test paint in the dwelling.  It is done in compliance with RI Dept. of Health regulation 23-24.6Pb. It generates a 15 – 20 page report.

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